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Thank you, Tom!

Posted by Administrator (Monday, March 3)


After completing his basic and advanced training in the Delaware Army National Guard, Firefighter Thomas Piraino is continuing his training in preparation for deployment overseas. We truly appreciate Tom's dedication to the fire service and to his nation.


Cadet Class At CHFC - July, 2012

Posted by Jeff Cody (Thursday, October 10)


DCESTC Instructors Dave McKinney, Mike Adams, Todd Ziegler, and John Hudyma trained CHFC cadets in the skills and knowledge (at an introductory level) required to be safe, effective firefighters. Trainees learned the history of firefighting, fire behavior, use and maintenance of bunker gear, how to create a pool with four ladders and a tarp, how to connect, roll, unroll, fold, and advance hoses, how to tie knots, set up a hydrant for use, attach hoses to the hydrant, and how to use a generator and fan to ventilate. Our thanks to Sam Iannucci for making this all possible.
Check out the Gallery page for more great pictures!


Congratulations to John Ryan!

Posted by Jeff Cody (Tuesday, September 9)


Congratulations to John Ryan who just successfully completed his National Firefighter I training. Firefighter I introduces firefighting concepts, practices, and techniques necessary for success within the fire service. This rigorous course develops knowledge, skills, and abilities in the following areas: fire department organization, firefighter safety, fire behavior, personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, building searches, forcible entry, ground ladders, ventilation, hose practices, fire streams, and loss control.
John’s dedication to public service is shown in multiple ways. John is an active firefighter in both the Concordville Fire & Protective Association (Station 59) and the Chester Heights Fire Company (Station 71). He is also a certified, experienced, and active EMT.
Thank you John for your dedication to public service and congratulations on your National Certification.
Well done!


Watch our children!!

Posted by Jeff Cody (Sunday, October 10)


The members of Chester Heights Fire Company would just like to remind everyone to drive safely. Please slow down and stay alert in all residential areas.


Good Luck Tom!

Posted by Jeff Cody (Sunday, July 7)


The members of Chester Heights Fire Co. would like to wish Firefighter Thomas Piraino best of luck in the Delaware Army National Guard. We truly appreciate Tom's dedication not only to the fire service but to his nation. We thank him for his many contributions to our fire company.


MVA - Valleybrook Road and Baltimore Pike

Posted by Jeff Cody (Saturday, October 10)


On Wednesday, September 7, 2011, the Chester Heights Fire Company and Medic 59 were dispatched to Valleybrook Rd and Baltimore Pike for a motor vehicle accident. Shortly after, Medic 59 arrived and reported a two-vehicle accident with one person trapped. Rescue 71 arrived on scene, established a safety zone and immediately stabilized the vehicles and began extrication efforts. Additional EMS from Concordville F&P Association (59-7) and Riddle Hospital (Medic 104-7 and Medic 104) were requested due to the number injuries. Engine and QRS 71 arrived behind the Rescue and split their crews for extrication and medical needs. The extrication of the trapped occupant was completed in less than 10 minutes and all victims were transported at the 30-minute mark. Baltimore Pike remained closed for a short time after for the investigation and clean up.



Posted by Webmaster (Monday, April 4)


Saturday, April 24: Members met up at the station around 08:00 this morning for a work day. There were various items to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. Some worked on repairing the roof of the rear of the building. Others worked on placing new flooring in the restrooms. Members also repainted the flagpole, and caulked windows. About midway through the day the rescue assignment was struck to Walnut Hill Blvd & Highland Dr. for the vehicle into a tree. Rescue 71 made the response with 6 under the command of 71-9 (L. Ward.) Crews stabilized the vehicle, assisted with patient care, and secured the hazards. Upon returning the crews ate lunch and finished up the remaining tasks.

Thanks to all who attended and worked hard to make it a success.



Posted by Webmaster (Monday, April 4)


Friday, April 23: This evening Rescue 71 was dispatched to the intersection of Valleybrook Rd. & US Rt. 1 for the accident. 71-9 Arrived on location reporting no injuries, but that the vehicles were blocking traffic, with a significant amount of debris on the road. Crews proceeded in reduced speed. Upon arrival the crew secured vehicle hazards and reopened the roadway.


2 MVA's

Posted by Webmaster (Friday, April 4)


Thursday, April 8: Around 17:40 Hrs Co. 71 was dispatched to the intersection of Valleybrook & Rt. 1 for the accident with reported injuries. As crews were arriving to the station, they were alerted by a passerby to another accident on Llewellyn Rd. 71-9 (Ward) arrived to the scene of the Llewellyn Rd. accident reporting an overturned pickup truck. The company was re-dispatched to the second accident and 59 was added for the additional rescue company. 71-9A (Iannucci) directed 59-4 to proceeded in to the accident at Valleybrook and 1 due to their proximity. Rescue 71 made the response to Llewellyn Rd, and assisted with patient care. Upon transport of the patient 59-9 (Nelling) reported of confinement at the accident at Rt. 1 & Valleybrook, and asked for the Rescue to head to the scene when we cleared the first accident. The Rescue, along with 71-9 made the response and assisted 59 with patient care, and securing of the scene.

Thanks to all on scene.

Rescue 71, 71-9. 59-4, 59-3, 59-7, 59-7A, M104-7, PSP, Fire Police



Posted by Jeff Cody (Wednesday, September 9)


Thursday, April 1: Co's 71, 59, and 66 participated in a joint drill this evening. Crews met at Garnet Valley High School where each company's crews could look over the trucks and their equipment location. Co. 71 would like to thank the Chiefs of the companies for allowing for us to have this drill and for coming up with the idea of familarizing ourselves with other company's apparatus.



Posted by Jeff Cody (Monday, September 9)


The Chester Heights Fire Co. would like to congratulate its two newest EMT's. John Ryan and Andrew DellaColetta recently successfully completed their EMT-B class held at the Delaware County Training Center. Thanks for your hard work and good luck on the many QRS calls in the future!


CHFC 2011 Officers

Posted by Jeff Cody (Wednesday, September 9)


Chief 71-9 Larry Ward
Assistant 71-9b Rob Hazlett
Captain 71-12b Andrew DellaColetta



Posted by (Friday, January 1)


The Chester Heights Volunteer Fire Co. 1 is actively seeking applications for our Fire and Ems division. Even if firefighting or Ems isn't for you, there are plenty of ways to help. We are always looking for members to help with fundraising, fire prevention or for administrative duties. Stop by any Thursday evening after 7pm and meet the men and women that proudly serve the residents of Chester Heights and the surrounding communities. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at



Posted by (Monday, January 1)


This year proved to be the second busiest in company history as the members logged 486 calls. Fire alarms still contribute the most volume with over 180 calls. This year members logged a significant amount of time towards training with members completing classes such as National Fire 1, 2, Driver Operator, Instructor, Officer 1, Officer 2, Art of Reading Smoke, Vehicle Rescue, and EMT.
4. JOHN RYAN 185



Posted by (Saturday, January 1)


The Officers and Members of the Chester Heights Fire Company would like to send our thoughts and prayers to all the members at Bethel FC (66) on the passing of Assistant Chief Ron "Corky" Windsor, Jr. Ron was a 19 year member of the Bethel FC and held many positions at Station 66.



Posted by (Saturday, January 1)


Wednesday December 30, 2009: The company assisted Aston Beechwood FC (72) on the 2200 block of Clearview Lane with a gas leak. When crews arrived they found a gasoline odor in several homes and dispatched additional help. Engine 71 stood by for several hours while the companies on scene tried to locate the source. Thanks to Ogden (55) for covering the station while we were out.



Posted by (Saturday, January 1)


Saturday December 12, 2009: The company covered for Green Ridge FC (63) tonight while they attended a Christmas party at there station. The company responded to two calls while covering. The first run was to the Toby Farms section of Chester Township for a building fire. Engine 71 was returned while enroute. The second call was on Knowlton Rd for a motor vehicle accident. Crews assisted with patient care and controlled all hazards. Also covering was Brookhaven (52)



Posted by (Saturday, January 1)


Santa visited the residents of Chester Heights on Friday, December 11th. Santa arrived around 6PM and toured around Chester Heights for most of the evening. Santa's elves handed out candy canes to residents. Thanks to all the members that helped out



Posted by (Sunday, January 1)


Thursday December 10, 2009: The company responded to the Wawa on Balitmore Pike in Concordville for a building fire at 1030am. Engine 592 had a smoke condition inside the building. Engine 71 stood by the hydrant while crews from 59 checked the building. Engine 592 found a problem with the electrical system and the company returned after 40 mins. Just before dinner the Rescue responded to a motor vehicle accident on Balitmore Pike. Crews found a two vehicle accident with fluids on the highway. Ems had 1 minor injury and 2 refusals. The company was in service for 30 mins. The company responded to Green Ridge section of Aston at 840pm for a building fire. Assistant Chief K Dawson 639B had a fire on the rear deck. Crews from Engine 71 and Rescue 71 assisted on scene with a primary search and helped check for extenion. Companies operated under the command of Chief B Herre 639 for an hour. We also logged a Fire Alarm in Concordville with no response needed from Chester Heights.



Posted by (Sunday, December 12)


Friday, December 4, 2009: The company was dispatched at 850am to assist Concordville on a house fire. Engine 592 arrived on scene with a kitchen fire and placed a line in service.The crew from Engine 71 assisted with ventilation. The fire was quickly placed under control and Engine 71 returned within 45 mins